CS 212 Software Development

CS 212-01, CS 212-02 • Fall 2019

Homework Submission

This guide discusses the homework submission process. This comes after the Homework Setup and Homework Testing processes.


To submit your homework, make sure the latest version of your code has been committed and pushed to Github. There are two things to verify:

  1. Make sure you see your latest commit when visiting the homework repository on the Github website.

  2. Make sure you are passing all of the tests when running the homework script on the lab computers. (See Homework Testing for details.)

We use the homework script on the lab computers for grading, so if that is passing the tests then it will pass the tests when we grade it as well.

Late Policy

If there are any modifications to the master branch after the homework deadline, then an automatic late deduction will be applied to the homework grade as follows:

  • –10% deduction for changes 15 minutes to 24 hours after the deadline

  • –20% deduction for changes submitted 24 hours to 48 hours after the deadline

These penalties will be automatically applied regardless of whether the tests were passing before the deadline!

Avoiding the Late Penalty

Want to keep working on your homework after the deadline? No problem; just create a branch of your homework first! This avoids making any modifications to your master branch, allowing you to avoid the automatic late penalty. If you are able to get additional tests passing, you can merge those changes back into your master branch .

See the Using Branches guide for details on this process.

Contesting the Late Penalty

Mistakes still happen. You can contest the automatic late penalty if you accidentally change the timestamp of your master branch, but were fully passing the tests before the deadline.

This is only possible if you have a commit in your repository before the deadline that was passing the tests. We will be able to check out that exact commit and verify the test results.

You will still receive a 5% submission penalty for your first offense, and a 10% penalty for each additional offense.