CS 212 Software Development

CS 212-01, CS 212-02 • Fall 2019

Homework Setup

Before you begin, you need to make sure to go through the other setup guides first:

For every homework assignment, you will need to repeat these steps:

  • Setup your Github repository. Click the Github Classroom invitation link to automatically setup a private Github repository with the template and test code in the usf-cs212-fall2019 organization. Only you, the TAs, and the instructor will have access to this repository.

  • Setup your Eclipse project. Once your repository is setup, you must import the homework as a Java Project in Eclipse. See the Importing Eclipse Projects from Github guide for detailed steps.

  • Verify you can push changes to Github. In Eclipse, make a minor change and commit and push that change to Github. I recommend placing the Git Staging View somewhere on your Eclipse layout to make this process more convenient.

  • Verify you can run the homework script on the lab computers. See the Homework Testing guide for detailed steps.

At this point, you should be able to start filling in the missing code, committing changes, and pushing those changes to Github.

Video Walkthrough

 Homework submission has changed since this video was recorded. However, the other steps remain the same.

This video walkthrough will illustrate this entire process on a Mac OSX system.