CS 212 Software Development

CS 212-01, CS 212-02 • Fall 2019

Project Setup

Below is a quick summary of the one-time setup needed for the project:

  1. Visit the Project 1 Tests assignment in Canvas and click the Github Classroom link to setup a repository named project-username where username is your Github username.

  2. Go to the .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE directory in the Github website interface, and open both of the issue templates. Click the “Edit” button and modify FULL_NAME to be your full name, GITHUB_USER to be your Github username, and then delete the “First-Time Setup” text after reading it. Save your changes.

  3. If needed, setup the Apache OpenNLP user library in Eclipse. See the Adding User Libraries in Eclipse guide for steps. Make sure to name the library opennlp-tools to avoid build path problems.

  4. Import the repository as a Java Project in Eclipse. See the Importing Eclipse Projects from Github guide for steps. This is where you will add your own code for the project.

  5. Import the project-tests repository at https://github.com/usf-cs212-fall2019/project-tests as a Java Project in Eclipse. This is where you will find all of the test code and data files. These two projects must be located in the same parent directory! For example repos/project-username and repos/project-tests share the same parent directory repos.

  6. Verify you can run the Project1Test.java set of tests in the “Project Tests” project in Eclipse.

  7. Verify you can make, commit, and push changes to Driver.java in the “Project” project in Eclipse.

Once setup, you do not need to go through these steps again.

Video Walkthrough

This video walkthrough will illustrate this entire process on a Mac OSX system. Please note this video was recorded for a previous semester. Some aspects may have changed slightly since then.