CS 212 Software Development

CS 212-01, CS 212-02 • Fall 2019

Homework Requirements

You will be provided template code and unit tests for the homework. Refer to the TODO comments in the template code for specifics on what code to fill in or modify for the assignment. When modifying this code, keep in mind the following:

  • Do not modify any method or class declarations. For example, you cannot add or remove keywords like static or add a throws keyword to a method if one was not already included.

  • Do not modify methods that are already fully defined. For example, if a method is provided and has no TODO comments within the method definition, you may not modify that method.

  • Do not modify the test code. This includes any input or output files utilized by the test code.

  • You MAY add additional members, methods, and classes as needed to the code.

  • You MAY add comments to clarify code for yourself. You can add comments to already defined methods if you want.

  • You MAY change a return statement in a method with a TODO comment as needed. (You may not change the return type in the method declaration, however.)

  • Remove the TODO comments when you are done. This removes them from the “Tasks” view in Eclipse. If you want to keep the comment around, you can change the text TODO to DONE instead.

To receive full credit on any homework assignment, you must:

  • Pass all of the unit tests. Specifically, you must pass the unit tests when running the homework script on the CS lab computers. See the homework guides for how to run this script. You will not receive full points if you are passing the tests locally on your system, but not on the lab computers.

  • Commit your work often. Ideally, you should commit after you complete every TODO in the code. For example, if there are 5 TODO comments in the code, your repository should have at least 5 commits.

  • Follow the TODO directions. For example, if the TODO comment stated you must use a HashSet and your code does not, you will lose points even if you are passing all of the unit tests.

  • Properly submit your homework on time. See the homework guides for details on how to submit homework, and the course syllabus for the homework late policy.

Post on Piazza if you have any questions regarding what must be done for a homework assignment or a question about your homework grade.