CS 212 Software Development

CS 212-01, CS 212-02 • Fall 2019

Learning Git and Github

If you do not yet have a free Github account, you need to create one:


When creating an account for this class (including accounts already created), keep in mind:

  • Choose a professional username.

  • Add information to your profile, including a professional profile photo and brief bio (including your degree and expected graduation date).

You can see the instructor’s profile page for an example. When done with this class, you’ll be able to show off your Github profile to potential employers.

If you are unfamiliar with git and GitHub, there are some fantastic guides you can look at to learn more:

  • GitHub Guides
    Guides for learning more about GitHub by Github.

  • GitHub Training and Guides (Videos)
    Videos produced by Github for learning Git and Github.

  • Code School
    Interactive exercises for learning Git by Code School (sponsored by GitHub).

  • Git-SCM
    Official Git project site (includes tutorials, a reference manual, and the free “Pro Git” ebook).

  • Learn Git
    Interactive exercises for learning Git by Codecademy.

Here are a couple resources that will help use git with Eclipse:

There are many other resources you can find with a simple web search. The operations we will use in class include: commit, push, pull, merge, and branch. The GitHub features we will use in class include releases, issues, and pull requests.